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How Much Do You Love Archery?

love archery

Do you LOVE archery as much as I do? That’s a tough question to answer isn’t it? “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”― Dr. Seuss How do you measure love anyway? Dr. Seuss was probably referring to the reality of being in love with…

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Our Fans’ Favorite Archery Resources

archery resources

Last month we asked our fans and followers to share their favorite book, website, podcast, or other resource about archery or bowhunting. We are very lucky to get so many great archery resources. Check them out and let us know if you have any to add. Archery Resources: Books & Magazines History of Wisconsin Bowhunting…

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Tips on Buying a New Bow

buying a new bow

Are you thinking about buying a new bow? There are a lot of things to consider for this important purchase. We asked our fans what is most important to them when buying a new bow and here is what they had to say. #1. Price Range If you first decide how much you want to…

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Fall is the Perfect Time to try Archery

try archery this fall

Ahhhh, Fall is here. The wind is cooler, the leaves are turning, the deer are active. Oh, and cider and doughnuts. Can’t forget those! Fall can also be a really busy time of year with kids getting back into the school routine, college football, and gearing up for bow season. For some kids, starting a…

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Best Practices at an Archery Range

best practices for archery. boy shooting an bow an arrow at an archery range

Our July contest sparked a lot of comments and discussions. We all have things that irritate us about archery and/or hunting. So we asked our fans to comment on what annoys them about other people while hunting or at an archery range. But to keep it positive, we flipped the script and turned into tips…

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The Many Ways to Improve Your Archery Game

improve your archery game

Practice! Practice! Practice! That is the only way to improve your archery game. However, there are many ways to practice and different things to focus on every time. We humans tend to get bored easily and need variety. Changing things up keeps us interested and focused. If your archery practice is feeling dull lately, or…

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3D Archery Isn’t Just for Hunters

3D Archery

3D Archery is a type of field archery that uses life-size models of game for the targets. The goal is to accurately recreate a hunting environment for competition. However, it can be fun for anyone. It can also be done indoors or outdoors. One of the very best things about archery is that it can…

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How to Shoot Into the Wind (archery tips)

shoot into the wind

Every great archer must practice how to shoot into the wind. Spring is the time that many archers move from indoors to outdoors. Unless you have high-powered fans blowing in your indoor archery range, you have to adjust for wind. Also, you might not be shooting directly into the wind. You could have a tailwind,…

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Setting Archery Goals (or any type of goal)

archery goals

Although this article on archery goals was written originally to encourage archers, I can’t help but think how much these steps could relate to anything in life you would like to achieve.    Think about #3 and how being positive is such a huge element to your success. Setting Archery Goals When setting goals, it’s…

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Dressing for an Archery Competition

women in archery

If you are going to participate in an archery competition, stick to the archery dress code. Sanctioned competition guidelines for archers’ are meant to ensure athletes present themselves and their sport professionally. ASA: Archery Shooters Association Some guidelines to note: All competitive shooters must wear collared shirts, or compete in an ASA sponsor’s factory-issued competition clothing,…

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