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How to Shoot Into the Wind (archery tips)

Every great archer must practice how to shoot into the wind.

Spring is the time that many archers move from indoors to outdoors. Unless you have high-powered fans blowing in your indoor archery range, you have to adjust for wind. Also, you might not be shooting directly into the wind. You could have a tailwind, headwind, or crosswind. Learning how arrows fly in different winds will really up your game and put you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

Note: Headwinds make arrows fly high, while tailwinds send arrows low,

Since you can’t control the weather, especially on tournament days, it is a really good idea to know how to shoot into the wind for success. Here are some tips!

Trust Yourself and Your Muscle Memory

One of the main keys to shooting in the wind is to NOT overthink it and to NOT overcompensate too much. Your mind and your body know what they are doing. Shoot normally and then adjust depending on your results. If you aim at the center (obviously) and your arrow hits 4 inches to the left then adjust.

The best way to shoot into the wind is to aim opposite of where the arrow hits instead of dialing your sight-pins to compensate.

The most difficult thing will be to not aim at the center every time–That is what we are so used to doing. Regardless, aim correctly and trust that your body will do the rest.

Practice on Windy Days

Grab your bow and arrows every time you see or hear the wind blow. The more you practice the better you’ll be. Practice your groupings too. This will allow you to shoot other places on the target than the middle.

Also, if you are heading to a tournament, take advantage of the practice day. Shoot from different places and angles. Really get a feel for the field and the weather.

Use Outdoor Arrows

There is definitely a difference between indoor and outdoor arrows. Outdoor arrows are designed to work with weather conditions like wind. They have slimmer shafts and lighter points. Outdoor arrows also have shorter vanes with lower profiles.

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Shoot Into the Wind: The Wrap Up

Practice! Practice! Practice! Yep, that is where it is at. If you ever shoot outside for competition, for fun, or for hunting, it is important to know how to shoot in all kinds of weather. Wind, even light gusts, can change the trajectory of an arrow. Great archers know how to compensate for wind direction because they have practiced.

Good luck and shoot straight!

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