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Tips on Buying a New Bow

Are you thinking about buying a new bow? There are a lot of things to consider for this important purchase. We asked our fans what is most important to them when buying a new bow and here is what they had to say.

#1. Price Range

If you first decide how much you want to spend when buying a new bow it quickly narrows down your options. Do the research and shop the sales. It might be fun to look at high-priced bows but seriously, why torture yourself?

PRO TIP: Always buy the same color bow, that way when you are sneaking it into the house your significant other won’t be able to tell it is a new one.

Thanks to Troy Rucker for that tip. Good luck, buddy–we are praying for ya!

buying a new bow

#2. Style and Purpose of the Bow

Similar to price, if you determine what you will be using the bow for, it narrows down the choices.

It if is purely for target shooting, what kind of targets? Bag? Foam? 3D?

If it is for bowhunting, what type of animals?

Do you want a long bow, recurve, or crossbow?

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#3. Shoot it Before You Buy It!

It is so easy (too easy) to buy things on the internet these days. Even cars! But don’t you want to at least drive it first? Kick the tires? Blast the radio? The same goes for a new bow. Head on down to your local archery or sporting goods store and test drive a few bows.

Can you get the grouping you like with the bow? ~ Jeremy Dean

Reminder: Don’t dry fire a bow, but shoot a few arrows and test it out.

Even if you end up finding a better deal online, don’t buy a bow without shooting a similar one first. We’d like to recommend giving your business to a local store anyway–but that’s your choice!

Before I buy a bow I check the archery magazines to see what the comparisons are. I go to the archery shops knowing what price range I’m looking for then shoot every bow I can with my release and my arrows. I will shoot with my eyes closed and let down and draw each bow until I find one I fall in love with. This year I bought a bowtech realm sr6 and love it. ~ Ed Tillotson (top Bitzenburger Fan and winner of September’s contest.)

NOTE: Several people mentioned to make sure the bow is in the correct hand (left of right). This may seem obvious, but apparently not!

buying a new bow

#4. Compatibility

Will you and your new bow get along? Will you be able to sit quietly in the woods together without arguing?

Ok, not THAT kind of compatibility. If you have other bows and equipment is it important to you to use some of the same things on your new bow?

Like when 1/4-20 stabilizers became 5/16-24? Good point, Brian Boone, thanks for the tip!

#5. Comfort

Does the bow feel good in your hands?

How is the brace height, draw length, and draw weight?

Is it quality made? What is it made with?

Do you like the way it looks?

Bonus Tips

These additional tips didn’t fit in a category but we still think they are really important. Do you have anything to add to our list of things to consider when buying a new bow?S

Tunability — no one wants a picky bow. ~ Brian Boone

Are you going to use fingers or release? When using fingers a shorter ATA can make a big difference in pinching of the arrow vs. a longer ATA . A release you can use on any ATA bow . ~Dan Lara

Buy a bow with proper pound ratings for your strength and comfort level.
~Vern Harrington 


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