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3D Archery Isn’t Just for Hunters

3D Archery is a type of field archery that uses life-size models of game for the targets. The goal is to accurately recreate a hunting environment for competition. However, it can be fun for anyone. It can also be done indoors or outdoors.

One of the very best things about archery is that it can be enjoyed in so many ways. There is hunting, target shooting, indoor archery, outdoor archery, competitions, just for fun, and a variety of things you can shoot at.

3D Archery Changes Up Your Perspective

Let’s face it, it can get boring shooting at the same thing all the time. You can get a bit cross eyed looking at a target for hours. Aiming at a different type of target is not only interesting, but can help you with your accuracy.

3D archery

Anyone can enjoy 3D archery from beginners to experienced archers. You can practice 3D archery at home, at a range, or set up a course in the woods. You can also compete on the local, state and national level in 3D archery.

The distances to the targets are sometimes not labeled in 3D archery. They wouldn’t be in a real life hunting situation either. Either way, walk the course first and get a feel for the distance of the targets.

Typically, in a 3D archery tournament, the archers move through the course together. Each competitor shoots one arrow at the target. It allows for more interaction and support from each other than other types of competitions.

After everyone shoots at the target, you will walk as a group to the target, and each person will receive a score for their arrow. You’ll then move to the next target on the course, typically marked with directional flags or signs.

3D Archery for Fun!

3D Archery isn’t always competitive. You can set up a 3D target on your range and switch back and forth from a regular target to the 3D target. Set them both at different distances to practice your range.

You can also buy 3D targets or make your own. People certainly get creative in the targets the use for their ranges. We’d love to see pics of your homemade targets if you are willing to share.

Shoot Straight!

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