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Fall is the Perfect Time to try Archery

Ahhhh, Fall is here. The wind is cooler, the leaves are turning, the deer are active. Oh, and cider and doughnuts. Can’t forget those!

Fall can also be a really busy time of year with kids getting back into the school routine, college football, and gearing up for bow season.

For some kids, starting a new school year is excited while others dread it and struggle. Finding a group or activity to belong to can be key to getting over this hurdle.

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For many kids, sports provides a social and physical way to meet new people and stay active. But what about the kids who aren’t interested in team sports? Archery is a great way to challenge yourself, learn a skill, and get really good at something without have to have a natural athletic ability.


More and more schools are adding archery clubs and teams to their roster and it is quickly becoming very popular. This is such good news as there are so many benefits for archery. Focus, concentration, team work, competition, social opportunity, cheering for others, motivation, and dedication are just a few.

Fall is a great time to try archery

Fall really is a great time to start something new, especially outdoors. The heat and bugs are at a minimum. Also, it is easy to get caught up in hunting fever this time of year as bow and rifle hunters gear up for the approaching season. Tree stands are going up, hunting blinds are being clean out, bows and guns are being cleaned. You know the drill.

If your child is looking for something new to do, or you would like to do something with your child, archery is a great option. And, once the weather gets too cold, you can move inside to an indoor range.

You can also make your own arrows for archery which can give you a deeper sense of pride and accomplishment–especially when you hit a bulls eye with an arrow you made.

Tell us you stories about when you or your children discovered archery. We’d love to hear them.

Shoot straight!

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