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Bitzenburger™ History

Why should you purchase a Bitzenburger™ jig? 

Durability. Accuracy. Precision. 


The Bitzenburger™ jig is made from zinc alloy and will never rust. Enjoy a lifetime of fletching arrows with this one single tool. 

A Bitzenburger™ will fletch any diameter arrow and any length of feathers. One of the great features of the Bitzenburger jig is that you can use real feathers. You can also fletch flu flu arrow with 6 feathers. 


You can use any Bitzenburger™ clamp and any nock receiver with any Bitzenburger™ jig base.


You can customize your degree of offset to suit your needs.  This one jig will do anything any archer needs. 


The History of The Bitzenburger™ Fletching Jig


Henry Bitzenburger was born in Germany in 1899 and became a die maker.  He moved to Los Angeles in the early 1940s and started making longbows. He quickly realized he needed a good way to glue the feathers (called flights then) onto his arrows. He invented the jig and all the machines and tools used to make it. Henry patented the jig under the name Professional Fletchmaster. This popular archery tool has been used for over seventy years by archers all over the world. 


Eventually, Henry and his wife, Babe, moved their operation to Oregon. It is important to note that Babe Bitzenburger was a world-famous archer and was inducted into the Archery Hall of Fame in 1976.


The jig has undergone only five model changes since Henry’s original design in the 1940s. The last was in 1964. To this day, each and every Bitzenburger™ jig is built from scratch in the USA. The castings come from the zinc foundry, Ambrit Industries, in Glendale, California. Then they are handcrafted using drill presses, grinders, and hand sanding. 


The design has stood the test of time and continues to be the best fletching jig on the market today. 


Henry ran the company until he passed away in 1973. JD Anderson, the owner of Anderson Archery, was good friends with Henry and Babe. He bought the company from Babe in 1975 and moved the entire operation to Grand Ledge, Michigan. The Anderson family has been running Bitzenburger ever since. It is currently owned and managed by JD’s son, Bill Anderson.