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The Many Ways to Improve Your Archery Game

Practice! Practice! Practice! That is the only way to improve your archery game. However, there are many ways to practice and different things to focus on every time.

We humans tend to get bored easily and need variety. Changing things up keeps us interested and focused. If your archery practice is feeling dull lately, or you have to drag yourself to the range by the bowstrings, try one of the following to spice things up.

Let us know what you like best!

Get an Archery Motivation Partner

Talk to a friend or family member who also enjoys archery and become accountability partners. You can encourage each other to practice and you can shoot together. Invent new target challenges and cheer each other on.

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Join an Archery Group or Class

Just like having an archery motivation partner, joining a group of others archers will help keep you practicing regularly. Here are few tips for finding groups in your area:

  1. Local Sporting Good Store. Check out your local archery or sporting good store and see if they have any classes or know about any.
  2. JOAD is a USA Archery program for 8- to 20-year-olds. These group lessons are usually held weekly at shops, clubs or ranges.
  3. Local 4H Chapters. Many 4H programs across the US have shooting sports programs. Start by contacting the county 4H where you live. Often times you can join just the shooting sports group if you aren’t interested in being a member of a big 4H group.
  4. Facebook groups. Facebook and other social media outlets can be a good place to find people who like the same things you do and who live close by. If you are under 18 (or any age) please allow an adult to help you navigate social media and never meet someone alone who you have met on social media. Please be careful.
  5. Archery Camps. Many summer and after school programs offer archery lessons and practice.

Make Your Own Arrows

If you haven’t tried making your own arrows we really encourage you to give it a go. We promise it will increase your knowledge of how arrows work. It will also give you a sense of accomplishment and pride and adds an entirely new layer to the sport of archery.

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Change Up The Location

If you predominately shoot inside or outside, change it up a bit. The summer and fall months are beautiful for outdoor shooting. Also, if you mostly just shoot at paper targets, try something different. 3D shooting is a lot of fun.

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Archery is always fun, but…

Even if you love it, it can get routine and dare we say, boring, if you do the same thing every time. Get creative and get people to shoot with you. Just don’t stop shooting!

We’d love to hear your ideas of how you keep your archery practice interesting. Let us know in the comments.

Happy shooting!

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