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You might not think of meditation and archery in the same sentence, but hear me out on this.

What is Meditation?

Simple to explain: meditation is a proven method of relaxing both the mind and the body. Maybe not so simple to do!!

In order to meditate, all you need is:

  • a safe space,
  • proper breathing,
  • a mental point of focus,
  • and the ability to think of nothing else but the present moment.

Anyone can do it.  Taking some time everyday to quiet your mind, take a deep breath, and center yourself through a skill as old as humankind itself.

HMMMMM!! Does this sound familiar?

What does archery do for you?

The process of mastering the bow is more than just getting good with a weapon. In order to achieve perfection, one must be able to focus, clear their mind, and concentrate on the simple movements involved.  So when it comes to archery remember that if what you are doing is instinctive, devoid of analytical thought, and pure in intent … then you are practicing a form of meditation.  Not to mention you are getting really good!!

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Like any martial art, you must have perfected your basic form to the point where you don’t actually have to think about it. All you have to do is quiet your mind and focus your intent.

  • Pick up an arrow
  • Line it up with the bow
  • Pull on the bowstring
  • Breathe in and out properly and slowly
  • With only minimal movement from the rest of your body
  • Release


Unlike other forms of meditation, archery gives you a simple goal to focus on…Just hit the target!

Archery requires your mind and body to enter a state of calmness and intense focus. The more you practice archery, the easier it is for both your mind and body to re-enter this state

Sound familiar?

That’s because archery is largely considered to be a form of meditation.


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Women in Archery

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There are a lot of great women in archery. Here is how they shot their way into the Olympics and beyond!

Women’s sports in the late 1800s focused on correct posture, facial and bodily beauty, muscles, and health.  The first Olympic games in the modern era, which were in 1896 were not open to women.  Since then the number of women who have participated in the Olympic games have increased dramatically.

“I do not approve of the participation of women in public competitions. In the Olympic Games, their primary role should be to crown the victors.”  Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the International Olympic Committee  (Who ever thought of that? – Crown Placing 101)

Well in 1904 Archery became open to women participation!!

Guess what?  TODAY At least 50% of Olympic athletes are  – you guessed it WOMEN!!! Also true in Junior Olympics.

The female hunting audience has also expanded quite a bit in recent years.   Whether because of bow-toting heroines like Katniss Everdeen in the “Hunger Games” series, or simply due to a rise in overall bow-and-arrow popularity.

Slick compound bows are often the weapon of choice for women.

The swell in female hunting interest has changed the way many bow manufacturers sell their products. In the past bows were designed exclusively for the length of the male arm. Compound bows are now offered in a wider range of sizes and shapes – perfect for hunters of all sizes and genders.  Not every woman wants to go tromping out to hunt with a glittery, pink fashion statement of a hunting tool with heart cut-outs.  These days, reviews often focus on the aesthetic design of bows designed for women, as opposed to the fact that they are simply stripped down versions of so-called “men’s” bows. Female archers can expect to find bows offering the same features, just scaled down to weigh less.

Classes are being offered specifically for the female archer.  Shooting competitions are more and more gearing their events to women in archery.  

Besides, we’ve all heard it before: Women are usually better shots that men. I believe it–how about you?

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Do you know how to fletch?

Why would you want to build your own arrows?  You can tell yourself it is to save money but that won’t happen for a while (check out the list of all you will need below)

So what ARE the advantages of making your own arrows with a Fletching Jig?

  1. No pesky pro-shop visits – Bad when you don’t plan ahead
  2. Half full quivers, and vaneless arrows – Hate it when that happens
  3. Total control over the quality of the arrows – for the Control Freak in you
  4. Customized vane colors – fashion forward
  5. Add another skill to your archery repertoire – don’t forget the shooting part
  6. Enjoyable pastime and hobby – more time in the man cave

Here is a not so short list of what you need to get started and of course as you advance in the technique —  you can add a lot more!

  1. Arrow Shafts (lots of choices here – personal preference)
    • right helical
    • left helical
    • simple straight
    • carbon shafts aluminum
    • aluminum/carbon hybrid shaft
  2. Adhesive arrow wraps (optional but very cool)
  3. Arrow  vanes (two colors) or feathers:   three, four, five or even six
  4. Fletching Jig– One of the best-known jigs, and likely the one that you’ll see in use at your local pro shop, is the Bitzenburger (imagine that!!)
  5. Insert/Fletching Glue (Fast Drying)
  6. Inserts or Nocks: typically come with your arrow shafts.
  7. Paper Towel
  8. Denatured Alcohol
  9. Stripping Tool
  10. Arrow Shaft Cleaning Solution
  11. Fletching Adhesive
  12. Fine-grit emery cloth or sandpaper (to remove excess glue)

As easy as apple pie (what??)

I now it seems like you need a lot of stuff to get started. However, it is sort of like making a homemade apple pie when you think about it.  If you are having company over who you want to impress you could run down to the grocery store and buy an apple pie off the shelf. BUT and it is a BIG but, everyone knows that there is nothing like a homemade pie.

You will get the best ingredients (OK you might get that unfold pie crust but you will get the BEST unfold pie crust). You will use your skill and make it very customized according to your wishes.  It won’t be anything like the 1,000 pies on the shelf – oh no! Yours will be different and special. You will take great pride serving this masterpiece in your Grandmother’s favorite Pie dish. For that extra special touch you will of course add some top-of-the-line vanilla ice cream.  Of course you could have saved money buying the store bought but if you make enough of these babies you will keep ingredients on hand and buy in quantity (except for the apples which need to be very fresh). Are you getting my drift???

Go ahead, do this fletching yourself… experience the pride of your labors (refer to the list of advantages above). REMINDER: Because you want your arrows to be the best they can be invest in a Bitzenburger Jig.  You can’t go wrong with the quality and it will last you a lifetime.


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Christmas Gifts for ARCHERS: Awesome items for Awesome Shooters!

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If you are lucky enough to have someone interested in Archery on your Christmas list, let me tell you they would be thrilled with ANYTHING related to their sport!!  Let’s look at a few items that could make you the BESTEST gift giver of all!!!

Great Gifts for Archers anytime of the year!

Bitzenburger World Class Fletching Jig

It’s not surprise that we started the list out with our own amazing item. This jig will allow any archer to make his or her own arrows with ease. Trust us, they will be thrilled! Oh, and we will be giving away several of these on our Facebook page, so like our page and check it out for a chance to win!

I Don’t Wear Bows, I shoot them Women’s Classic T-shirts!!  

Available in many color and sizes.  These are for the gal on your list that wants to make sure “they” know that she does not mess around and no one should mess with her!

How about an arrow fletchers LARGE mug?

Everyone loves coffee mugs that describe their passion.  You can take it anywhere and it will surely start up a conversation about the beloved sport of archery!  You can customize these and order in ceramic or stainless steel.


Now let’s consider that kinda off the wall person on your list. Why not??    I should mention you can also get this Skeleton guy on several other items such as water bottles, playing cards, ornaments (really??) but this apron is the best!!  Three big pockets in the front to hold/hide some more weird stuff!!


This is a must for the home decorator on your list!  Wow talk about the envy of the neighborhood…whip one of these babies under that glass that someone sets on your new coffee table –NO rings at your house.

French Fry Car Holder

Now this is not so much for that Archery person on your list but it would make you that really cool gift giver we mentioned.  They ship all over the world so do not limit yourself on this one. Honestly, how often has this happened to you that you order french fries and have NO PLACE to set them while driving?

Kids Bow and Arrow Set

Let’s not forget the kids on the list – how could we this time of year while they are all going bonkers??? Here is a quality bow and arrow set so they can go with Mom and Dad to the range. Pretty cool!!

Lancaster Archery Gift Cards

Ok, we have done our best to come up with a few unique and some what “practical” ideas but if you really get stuck or just put if off too long …remember you gotta give the gift some time to arrive… you can always do the GIFT CARD thing – but yours will have a theme since after all, you are the bestest gift giver!!

Merry Christmas to all and we wish for a safe and enjoyable time with those on your list.

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The Benefits of Youth Archery

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Archery is a sport everyone can do

Even at an early age, children can learn the basics of archery and build their skills throughout their lifetime. Sometimes people don’t always think of archery as a sport, but rather a hobby. However, the number of schools introducing archery programs into their curriculum or after school offerings is steadily on the rise. As educators and parents are realizing the benefits of archery it is becoming more and more popular. We couldn’t be happier about that.

Archery is also adaptable for those with disabilities, known as para-archers. Para-archers shoot from a stool or wheelchair. Some even use their teeth or feet to draw their bow.

A Year Round Sport

Another great thing about archery is that it is a year round sport and can be taught indoors and outdoors using several different methods and types of targets.

Outdoor archery includes:

  • target archery (as seen at the Olympic and Paralympic Games)
  • field archery (usually a wooded course)
  • 3D archery (uses foam animal targets)

Typically, indoor archery concentrates on target archery and form.

Youth Archery is a very safe sport

“But wait!” you might say. “Do you really think it is wise to hand a bunch of fourth graders weapons?”

It is an important thing to consider, but also, consider this:

According to the Archery Trade Association, archery is safer than every school-offered ball sport, except bowling and table tennis.

As a non-contact sport you don’t have to worry about the players physically hurting each other. Plus, there are so many safety rules that are taught before a young archer even gets to handle  a bow and arrow. If they don’t comply, they are out. It’s that simple.

The Health Benefits of Youth Archery

There are a surprising number of health benefits to archery, many you may not have even considered. These benefits contribute to improving their skills on the range, in the woods, and in real life.


Learning to concentrate and block out distractions improves focus. The step by step process it takes to put an arrow in a bulls eye teaches kids to slow down and execute a multi-step task.


Did you know that drawing 40 arrows at 25 pounds each equals 1,000 pounds of weight? A proper draw strengthens your arms, core, hands, chest and shoulders.


We all know the benefits of walking and generally moving. Archery gets kids moving and outdoors to soak up all that great Vitamin D. An archer can walk up to 5 miles during a tournament.


Coordination and concentration work together to produce focus. The coordination of a multi step task, executed in the proper succession and done repetitively creates a predicable outcome: hitting your target. After a period of time and practice, muscle memory enters the equation and you have become a sharp shooter!


Building a child’s confidence level in a particular area has long lasting effect on self-esteem and success in the future. Teaching a child lifelong skills that he or she can continue using and improving is essential to a happy life. Imagine your child’s face when he or she hits the bulls eye for the first time. Yeah, that!

Managing Stress

Healthy competition teaches children (and adults) to manage stress. How to properly conduct yourself under pressure and exhibiting good sportsmanship are all part of team building. But the act of archery itself can be a stress reliever. The physical exertion works to alleviate stress, but so does the concentration and the successful execution. Just the sound of the arrow leaving your hand and thwacking the target is music to any archer’s ears.

Is there a kid in your life who might enjoy archery?

Grab and a bow and arrow and head out on to the range. We guarantee you will both learn something and come back smiling.

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The BEST Father’s Day Gift for an Archer

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Father’s Day Gift SOLVED!

Well, the day is coming soon. The day when families rack their brains for ideas for dad for Father’s Day. We know dads are hard to buy for–they usually already have everything they need.

How about getting him something he might not even know that he NEEDS?

Here is a check list to see if this gift is the perfect one:

  1. Does he like to bow hunt?
  2. Does he like archery?
  3. Does he like tools and gadgets?
  4. Does he like to make things with his hands?
  5. Does he like to brag about things he’s made?
  6. Does he like to do projects with his children?

So, if you answered yes to 1-4 (and maybe the rest of the questions) then a Bitzenburger Jig could possible be a great gift for the Dad in your life.

What is a Bitzenburger Jig?

Besides having a funny long name, it the world’s best precision tool for making your own arrows for archery and bow hunting.

Picture an arrow and the feathers on the end of it. How do you glue those arrows on the end of the arrow in the right pattern and get them straight and lined up so that your arrow flies straight? That’s what our tool does.

Visit one of the many companies who sell our jig today and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You just dominated Father’s Day this year!

He’ll be so happy!

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