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Best Practices at an Archery Range

best practices for archery. boy shooting an bow an arrow at an archery range

Our July contest sparked a lot of comments and discussions. We all have things that irritate us about archery and/or hunting. So we asked our fans to comment on what annoys them about other people while hunting or at an archery range. But to keep it positive, we flipped the script and turned into tips…

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Archery Women: Part Two

archery women

Archery women are so amazing we felt you deserved (at least) a follow-up article of praise! AND we LOVE this Shoot like a girl anthem song. We suggest you play it while you read the rest of this article. Archery Women in History Greek mythology describes an aggressive tribe of brutal, beautiful female warriors who…

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Buck Fever: How to stay calm when the perfect deer appears!

buck fever

Buck Fever is the nervous excitement of an inexperienced hunter at the sight of game.  I would be willing to argue that it is not just inexperienced hunters. Maybe not just in the realm of hunting either.  We have all experienced that moment when nerves seem to just dissolve. Dealing with this “target panic” is…

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