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Archery Women: Part Two

Archery women are so amazing we felt you deserved (at least) a follow-up article of praise! AND we LOVE this Shoot like a girl anthem song.

We suggest you play it while you read the rest of this article.

Archery Women in History

Greek mythology describes an aggressive tribe of brutal, beautiful female warriors who listed war as life’s main concern. They trained, they killed and they conquered with swords, knives, daggers, and bows and arrows.

From the world stage to backyard woods and throughout ancient mythology, women and archery have long been a perfect match. Girls and women who want to try archery and bowhunting can seek help from several groups and organizations in every state.

Archery Women in Literature and Movies

SUSAN PEVENSIE (The Chronicles of Narnia)

In The Chronicles of Narnia series, Susan Pevensie ends up learning the skill of archery and becomes quite proficient with a bow and arrows.  In the first film adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, as in the book, Susan is gifted with her bow and arrows by Father Christmas. While Susan is only 12 years old, she shows an immediate talent for the skill of archery. By the second film, Prince Caspian, she has honed her archery skills and puts them to good use in the battle against the Telmarines. Critics have noted that while Susan is dissuaded from fighting in the novels published during the ‘fifties, she is given a bigger piece of the action in the films produced in the new millennium. but I don’t see a problem with that!


With Mockingjay, there was no way that Katniss Everdeen was not going to make this list. In the dystopian nation of Panem, Katniss grew up in the poor coal-mining state, District 11. She first picked up a bow and arrows out of necessity, learning to hunt in order to help feed her family. When her young sister’s name was selected to represent her District in the grizzly Hunger Games (a televised fight-to-the-death where children from each district battle it out until only one is the victor), she volunteered to take her place. Using a combination of her archery and survival skills, Katniss is able not only to win the Hunger Games but also manages to change the rules.

Fun Fact: Katniss’ name is taken from a plant called Sagittaria (or arrowhead) which takes its name from the Zodiac sign Sagittarius- the archer!


In the movie Blade: Trinity Abigail Whistler is one of the ringleaders of the Nightstalkers, a team that acts as Blade’s personal support group of badasses.  Abigail hunted vampires with a compound bow, often saving the day and coming to the aid of her male counterparts. This compound-bow-carrying-heroine was no damsel in distress.

We can look all through history and now on the big screen and see many women archers.  Today we can also look for organizations that will help women find their place among the best archers out there.  A great place to start is with arcHER.

Archery Women Today

It’s all about her! arcHER continues to be driven by professional women arcHERs who are dedicated to promoting and helping woman arcHERs grow in our sport. arcHER not only provides helpful tips but is a premier arcHERy related media source, engaging the arcHERy community while focusing on the women arcHER’s and our youth.  Meet the 2018 Ambassadors they have passion and knowledge to share.