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Bow Hunting Essentials: Things You Should Have

Things Every Bow Hunter Should Have

Are you a bowhunter? Do you know and love a bowhunter? Here is a list of things that are essential to bow hunting safety and success. This fall, when you pack your gear, be sure to go over this list.

Bow Hunting Essentials: Gear List

  • Flashlight. Don’t be caught in the dark. Make sure it has fresh batteries before you head out.
  • Quality Hunting Knife. If you don’t carry a knife when you hunt you should probably just turn your hunting license in.
  • First Aid Kit. Essential but often overlooked key item for your pack.
  • Extra Water. Plan for the fact that you might be get lost or be out longer than anticipated–bring more water than you think you will need.
  • Waxed Dental Floss. Weird, I know. But it can be used in an emergency to fix your bowstring serving, make a temporary d-loop, and even replace the cord on your drop-away rest.
  • Portable Bow Press. If you dry fire your bow or run a broad head across your string you may have to do some emergency equipment fixing in the field. Be sure you know how to use your bow press before you are in the woods and need it in an emergency.
  • Spare Bow String. It’s best to use the old string as your spare, as it will already be stretched–so when you buy a new one, keep the old one.
  • Extra Nocks. If something is going to get lost or break, it’s probably the nock (nock on wood! Haha! Get it?)
  • Allen Wrenches. There are so many reasons for these handy little buggers. A set of different sizes are really useful and they don’t take up much room.

Thanks to Outdoor Canada and Archery Buff for some of these tips!

Make Your Own Arrows

Making your own arrows is not essential to bow hunting, but it sure does add to the hobby. And since we make an amazing jig we have to tell you about it. You can make your own arrows without our Bitzenburger jig, but why would you want to? We make it so much easier! Check them out here.

Tell us what essential items you have in your hunting pack.

Happy Hunting!

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