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Women in Archery


There are a lot of great women in archery. Here is how they shot their way into the Olympics and beyond!

Women’s sports in the late 1800s focused on correct posture, facial and bodily beauty, muscles, and health.  The first Olympic Games in the modern era, which were in 1896 were not open to women.  Since then the number of women who have participated in the Olympic games has increased dramatically.

“I do not approve of the participation of women in public competitions. In the Olympic Games, their primary role should be to crown the victors.”  Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the International Olympic Committee  (Whoever thought of that? – Crown Placing 101)

Well in 1904 Archery became open to women’s participation!!

Guess what?  TODAY At least 50% of Olympic athletes are  – you guessed it, WOMEN!!! Also true in Junior Olympics.

The female hunting audience has also expanded quite a bit in recent years.   Whether because of bow-toting heroines like Katniss Everdeen in the “Hunger Games” series, or simply due to a rise in overall bow-and-arrow popularity.

Slick compound bows are often the weapon of choice for women.

The swell in female hunting interest has changed the way many bow manufacturers sell their products. In the past bows were designed exclusively for the length of the male arm. Compound bows are now offered in a wider range of sizes and shapes – perfect for hunters of all sizes and genders.  Not every woman wants to go tromping out to hunt with a glittery, pink fashion statement of a hunting tool with heart cut-outs.  These days, reviews often focus on the aesthetic design of bows designed for women, as opposed to the fact that they are simply stripped-down versions of so-called “men’s” bows. Female archers can expect to find bows offering the same features, just scaled down to weigh less.

Classes are being offered specifically for the female archer.  Shooting competitions are more and more gearing their events to women in archery.  

Besides, we’ve all heard it before: Women are usually better shots than men. I believe it–how about you?