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The End of Hunting Season

Now that deer hunting season is pretty much over let’s see how many of you can relate to this:  A normal day out in the country where there are peaceful open fields, a few animal tracks in the snow, and not another person to be seen for acres.

Such a contrast to the Opening Day of Hunting Season when the two tracks look like a Los Angeles traffic jam at rush hour. Ok, maybe not THAT bad, but chances are you will encounter another hunter out there.

Everyone has to be first to scout out their favorite spot for the big kill!!

The First Day of Hunting Season

They have taken off all the days from work, well in advance.  Warned the family that they would not see them for quite some time.  Spent their whole wad on the latest hunting equipment… After all, this is a one-time a year thing!!

Every piece of camo clothing is out of the closet and the layered look is very much IN.  Any hunter worth his weight in arrows would have packed up enough supplies for at least 6 months when the season in Michigan is only a few weeks long.

Speaking of arrows……during  Bow and Arrow season, you can find anything and everything with an arrow stuck in it!!

Watch out all you furry friends –they are coming for us!! Especially us with the big antlers!!

A Hunter’s Tale

A great white hunter from the Upper Peninsula related a story that he swore to be true:

He and a friend were out hunting in their normal “lucky spot”.  Yep, you guessed it – he spotted a big ole buck, took perfect aim, and shot it!!  Yeah, a trophy for sure!!!   Well, now he and his friend cut down a small tree and tied this lovely specimen front and back hoofs to their pole.  After carrying this big guy out of the heavy brush for what seemed like forever, they were heading to the jeep to load it on for display to all the other hunters.  They, to this day, claim that the deer had two extra arrows in him that they did not put there.  Now I don’t know about you but these  guys now feel that some of these hunters should find their own “lucky spot!”

Hope you had a great hunting season and that you are already preparing for next year.   Check out our fletching tools to make your own arrows in your downtime.  Here is a video that will get you geeked for next season.

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