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In the world of ARCHERY, there must be some RULES!!!

Rules for Archery Tournaments are made to give all the participants the same advantage and most of all for safety.   At some tournaments, there is a whistle system that may be used with beeps or other auditory signals. There may also be a clock, a lighting system, or a series of flags to let you know when to shoot.  These are the colors you will see in competition:

  • Red means you may not shoot.
  • Yellow means that the end will be over in the next thirty seconds.
  • Green means you may shoot.


A small child knows these three colors from a very early age and anyone who has a driver’s license better knows these three colors and what they mean!!  It is also very good to know these as a pedestrian at an intersection. Sometimes there is a big hand sticking up on a post to tell you to walk or not walk (but not always.)

This being the case, I was thinking of having this very same traffic sign installed at the entranceway to my house.

We have RULES and we have tried the “whistle system” to no avail. What could it hurt??

GREEN:  Enter – I’m in a great mood, the house is fairly clean and supper is simmering on the stove waiting for my lovely family to be seated around the table.

YELLOW:  Enter with caution…It has been one of those days.  I’m totally behind schedule, slightly frazzled and the house is disorganized at best.  The dog had an accident and that was a priority instead of planning dinner. You may even consider giving me a hand so that possibly this evening will not be a total bust.   There are at least 50 things I need to do – not much time and not much energy.

RED:  STOP and consider if this is going to be worth it to you.  I have a migraine!! I was going to pick up pizza but forgot my wallet. I was running low on gas and also had no money to fill up.    Late for a dentist appointment, late for a teacher meeting, late for work. Thanks for all of your support – by the way, where were you guys when I was carrying in all those groceries??  If you are still considering entering, watch your step – Yep you guessed it –the dog again. (Oh and one more thing – this would be a great time to remember to put the toilet seat down–for my wife!).

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a GREEN day.

rules for archery tournaments