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Do you know how to fletch?

Why would you want to build your own arrows?  You can tell yourself it is to save money but that won’t happen for a while (check out the list of all you will need below)

So what ARE the advantages of making your own arrows with a Fletching Jig?

  1. No pesky pro-shop visits – Bad when you don’t plan ahead
  2. Half full quivers, and vaneless arrows – Hate it when that happens
  3. Total control over the quality of the arrows – for the Control Freak in you
  4. Customized vane colors – fashion forward
  5. Add another skill to your archery repertoire – don’t forget the shooting part
  6. Enjoyable pastime and hobby – more time in the man cave

Here is a not so short list of what you need to get started and of course as you advance in the technique —  you can add a lot more!

  1. Arrow Shafts (lots of choices here – personal preference)
    • right helical
    • left helical
    • simple straight
    • carbon shafts aluminum
    • aluminum/carbon hybrid shaft
  2. Adhesive arrow wraps (optional but very cool)
  3. Arrow  vanes (two colors) or feathers:   three, four, five or even six
  4. Fletching Jig– One of the best-known jigs, and likely the one that you’ll see in use at your local pro shop, is the Bitzenburger (imagine that!!)
  5. Insert/Fletching Glue (Fast Drying)
  6. Inserts or Nocks: typically come with your arrow shafts.
  7. Paper Towel
  8. Denatured Alcohol
  9. Stripping Tool
  10. Arrow Shaft Cleaning Solution
  11. Fletching Adhesive
  12. Fine-grit emery cloth or sandpaper (to remove excess glue)

As easy as apple pie (what??)

I now it seems like you need a lot of stuff to get started. However, it is sort of like making a homemade apple pie when you think about it.  If you are having company over who you want to impress you could run down to the grocery store and buy an apple pie off the shelf. BUT and it is a BIG but, everyone knows that there is nothing like a homemade pie.

You will get the best ingredients (OK you might get that unfold pie crust but you will get the BEST unfold pie crust). You will use your skill and make it very customized according to your wishes.  It won’t be anything like the 1,000 pies on the shelf – oh no! Yours will be different and special. You will take great pride serving this masterpiece in your Grandmother’s favorite Pie dish. For that extra special touch you will of course add some top-of-the-line vanilla ice cream.  Of course you could have saved money buying the store bought but if you make enough of these babies you will keep ingredients on hand and buy in quantity (except for the apples which need to be very fresh). Are you getting my drift???

Go ahead, do this fletching yourself… experience the pride of your labors (refer to the list of advantages above). REMINDER: Because you want your arrows to be the best they can be invest in a Bitzenburger Jig.  You can’t go wrong with the quality and it will last you a lifetime.


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How to Become an Archery Coach

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Have you ever wanted to become archery coach?

If you have a desire to become an Archery Coach, or want to involve your child in the sport of archery.  you may want to know the qualifications of the coaches.   This will give you the basics.

USA Archery certification program:  caring, capable coaches who introduce the sport to young archers.

Archery Coach: Certification Level One

A Level One Archery Coach must be at least 15 years old and is certified for summer camps, boy or girl scout organizations, or parks and recreation departments.

A Level One will be proficient in:

  • Teaching beginner archery programs to people of all ages and abilities
  • indoor and outdoor settings
  • target, field or 3-D
  • range safety,safety both on and off the archery range
  • range setup
  • steps of shooting
  • Equipment repair

Archery Coach: Certification Level Two

A level two Archery Coach must be at least 18, have passed a background check successfully, and are a current member of NFAA or USA Archery  (Level 1 is not a prerequisite.)  A level 2 coach typically teaches J.O.A.D., college archery clubs, or larger community clubs.

A Level Two will be proficient in:

  • the bow shooting cycle in finer detail
  • adding a little more depth to the archer’s technique
  • how to fit equipment to their athletes
  • how to set up, tune, and repair equipment
  • how to teach regular archery lessons as well as the Level 1 Instructor class

Archery Coach: Certification Level Three –  National Training System Certified

A level three must be at least 18 years of age, and have held a level 2 certification for at least a year.  If the instructor has three years of experience as an archery instructor, membership to one of the major certifying bodies (NFAA or USA Archery), and a successful background check they can ‘test out’ of their Level 2 certification.

A level 3 archery coach focuses on athletes who are hoping to take their competition to another level.

A Level 3 will be proficient in:

  • athlete development on an individual basis
  • coaching philosophy
  • training plan development
  • competition prep
  • bow tuning
  • competitive psychology

Holding a level 3 certification means you will spend less time working with beginner, youth, and amateur archers, and start focusing on athletes who are hoping to take their competition to another level.

Archery Coach: Certification Level Four

After an instructor has served as a Level 3 coach for 2 years they can advance to a level 4 certification. the USA Archery national training camps and the International Team Staff. Level 4 coaches can also teach Level 1 and Level 2 certification courses.

Elements for a Level 4 Archery Coach include:

  • sports science
  • Biomechanics
  • sports psychology
  • nutrition
  • training cycles
  • National Training System

Certification Level Five – Elite Level Archery Coach

An elite Level 5 archery coach  must have served at least two years as a Level 4 instructor, and have a record of successfully coaching three or more archers to a national podium place, top 10 ranking, or Olympic, World, or International team placement . The Level 5 certification also requires training and supervision from a mentor or through a Coach Observer Program.

If you want to be involved in this coaching program, you can check out for more information.

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How the DEER and I Survive the Winter Season

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Can You Survive the Winter Like a Deer?

How well deer survive the winter depends on three primary factors:

  • The amount of stored fat
  • The availability of natural foods
  • The severity of the winter

Stored Fat

In late summer and fall deer build up fat that will become winter fuel. Acorns and beech nuts — often referred to as “mast” — are valuable sources of this fat. Fat reserves can supply almost one third of a deer’s winter energy needs. The more fat a deer can accumulate before winter, the greater its energy reserves and the greater the amount of winter weather it can survive.  Deer also develop highly insulated winter coats. Dense inner fur and long, hollow outer hairs create a coat 10 times thicker than the summer coat.  They look very stylish in their new coats!!

Availability of Natural Foods

In winter, deer subsist on buds and twigs of deciduous trees and shrubs such as yellow birch, hazel, dogwood, mountain, striped, red and sugar maple. Cedar and hemlock foliage also provide food. Deer will eat snow for water in the winter, and can survive eating bark and some wintergreen bushes. In winter, deer move to suitable cover. They move around less and decrease their metabolism and body temperature. This biological “fine-tuning” enables deer to conserve energy and survive our northern winters.

Severity of the Winter

Deer pack accumulated snow into a network of trails and runways. Trails allow deer to move easily between food and cover, saving valuable energy reserves. Conifers also reduce winds and moderate the temperature. On cold nights temperatures beneath heavy conifer cover can be ten degrees warmer than in open areas. Deer spend many hours lying under this protection.  However, when temperatures drop to 0 and lower, deer are forced to use increasing amounts of energy to keep warm. To counter this, deer select areas that minimize their exposure to cold and windy conditions and thereby lessen the impact on their energy reserves. For deer, one of the biggest energy drains in winter is movement through snow.

Now that I know these 3 factors for the DEER to survive the winter,  I have decided to try this myself.

  1. Stored Fat:  I have loaded up on carbs and lots of good sweets..the “mast”  to load on the fat.
  2.  Availability of “NATURAL” foods:  Well there is no shortage of natural chips, Natural Beer, Natural Burgers — you know what I am talking about – we all have our favorites.   Also, I try not to move around too much so that I don’t diminish my fat supply. (Very Important)
  3.  Severity of Winter:  I have my favorite jammy’s and a few handmade quilts to bundle up in  – flip on the gas logs and lay back for a winter of binge watching a bunch of series on Netflix.  If I have to move around it will be a short distance to the supply of natural foods.

I will let you know in the spring how this worked for me. I may actually survive this winter!!

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The End of Hunting Season

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Now that deer hunting season is pretty much over lets see how many of you can relate to this:  A normal day out in the country where there are peaceful open fields, a few animal tracks in the snow, and not another person to be seen for acres.

Such a contrast to the Opening Day of Hunting Season when the two tracks look like a Los Angeles traffic jam at rush hour. Ok, maybe not THAT bad, but chances are you will encounter another hunter out there.

Everyone has to be first to scout out their favorite spot for the big kill!!

The First Day of Hunting Season

They have taken off all the days from work, well in advance.  Warned the family that they would not see them for quite some time.  Spent their whole wad on the latest hunting equipment… After all this is a one time a year thing!!

Every piece of camo clothing is out of the closet and the layered look is very much IN.  Any hunter worth his weight in arrows would have packed up enough supplies for at least 6 months when the season in Michigan is only a few weeks long.

Speaking of arrows……during  Bow and Arrow season, you can find anything and everything with an arrow stuck in it!!

Watch out all you furry friends –they are coming for us!! Especially us with the big antlers!!

A Hunter’s Tale

A great white hunter from the Upper Peninsula related a story that he swore to be true:

He and a friend were out hunting in their normal “lucky spot”.  Yep, you guessed it – he spotted a big ole buck, took perfect aim and shot it!!  Yeah a trophy for sure!!!   Well now he and his friend cut down a small tree and tied this lovely specimen front and back hoofs to their pole.  After carrying this big guy out of the heavy brush for what seemed like forever, they were heading  to the jeep to load it on for display to all the other hunters.  They, to this day, claim that the deer had two extra arrows in him that they did not put there.  Now I don’t know about you but these  guys now feel that some of these hunters should find their own “lucky spot!”

Hope you had a great hunting season and  that you are already preparing for next year.   Check out our fletching tools to make your own arrows in your down time.  Here is a video that will get you geeked for next season.

Don’t forget to like our page on Facebook. We will be giving away several jigs over the next few months!

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Christmas Gifts for ARCHERS: Awesome items for Awesome Shooters!

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If you are lucky enough to have someone interested in Archery on your Christmas list, let me tell you they would be thrilled with ANYTHING related to their sport!!  Let’s look at a few items that could make you the BESTEST gift giver of all!!!

Great Gifts for Archers anytime of the year!

Bitzenburger World Class Fletching Jig

It’s not surprise that we started the list out with our own amazing item. This jig will allow any archer to make his or her own arrows with ease. Trust us, they will be thrilled! Oh, and we will be giving away several of these on our Facebook page, so like our page and check it out for a chance to win!

I Don’t Wear Bows, I shoot them Women’s Classic T-shirts!!  

Available in many color and sizes.  These are for the gal on your list that wants to make sure “they” know that she does not mess around and no one should mess with her!

How about an arrow fletchers LARGE mug?

Everyone loves coffee mugs that describe their passion.  You can take it anywhere and it will surely start up a conversation about the beloved sport of archery!  You can customize these and order in ceramic or stainless steel.


Now let’s consider that kinda off the wall person on your list. Why not??    I should mention you can also get this Skeleton guy on several other items such as water bottles, playing cards, ornaments (really??) but this apron is the best!!  Three big pockets in the front to hold/hide some more weird stuff!!


This is a must for the home decorator on your list!  Wow talk about the envy of the neighborhood…whip one of these babies under that glass that someone sets on your new coffee table –NO rings at your house.

French Fry Car Holder

Now this is not so much for that Archery person on your list but it would make you that really cool gift giver we mentioned.  They ship all over the world so do not limit yourself on this one. Honestly, how often has this happened to you that you order french fries and have NO PLACE to set them while driving?

Kids Bow and Arrow Set

Let’s not forget the kids on the list – how could we this time of year while they are all going bonkers??? Here is a quality bow and arrow set so they can go with Mom and Dad to the range. Pretty cool!!

Lancaster Archery Gift Cards

Ok, we have done our best to come up with a few unique and some what “practical” ideas but if you really get stuck or just put if off too long …remember you gotta give the gift some time to arrive… you can always do the GIFT CARD thing – but yours will have a theme since after all, you are the bestest gift giver!!

Merry Christmas to all and we wish for a safe and enjoyable time with those on your list.

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