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The Benefits of Youth Archery

Posted by on Jun 14, 2017 in Archery |

Archery is a sport everyone can do

Even at an early age, children can learn the basics of archery and build their skills throughout their lifetime. Sometimes people don’t always think of archery as a sport, but rather a hobby. However, the number of schools introducing archery programs into their curriculum or after school offerings is steadily on the rise. As educators and parents are realizing the benefits of archery it is becoming more and more popular. We couldn’t be happier about that.

Archery is also adaptable for those with disabilities, known as para-archers. Para-archers shoot from a stool or wheelchair. Some even use their teeth or feet to draw their bow.

A Year Round Sport

Another great thing about archery is that it is a year round sport and can be taught indoors and outdoors using several different methods and types of targets.

Outdoor archery includes:

  • target archery (as seen at the Olympic and Paralympic Games)
  • field archery (usually a wooded course)
  • 3D archery (uses foam animal targets)

Typically, indoor archery concentrates on target archery and form.

Youth Archery is a very safe sport

“But wait!” you might say. “Do you really think it is wise to hand a bunch of fourth graders weapons?”

It is an important thing to consider, but also, consider this:

According to the Archery Trade Association, archery is safer than every school-offered ball sport, except bowling and table tennis.

As a non-contact sport you don’t have to worry about the players physically hurting each other. Plus, there are so many safety rules that are taught before a young archer even gets to handle  a bow and arrow. If they don’t comply, they are out. It’s that simple.

The Health Benefits of Youth Archery

There are a surprising number of health benefits to archery, many you may not have even considered. These benefits contribute to improving their skills on the range, in the woods, and in real life.


Learning to concentrate and block out distractions improves focus. The step by step process it takes to put an arrow in a bulls eye teaches kids to slow down and execute a multi-step task.


Did you know that drawing 40 arrows at 25 pounds each equals 1,000 pounds of weight? A proper draw strengthens your arms, core, hands, chest and shoulders.


We all know the benefits of walking and generally moving. Archery gets kids moving and outdoors to soak up all that great Vitamin D. An archer can walk up to 5 miles during a tournament.


Coordination and concentration work together to produce focus. The coordination of a multi step task, executed in the proper succession and done repetitively creates a predicable outcome: hitting your target. After a period of time and practice, muscle memory enters the equation and you have become a sharp shooter!


Building a child’s confidence level in a particular area has long lasting effect on self-esteem and success in the future. Teaching a child lifelong skills that he or she can continue using and improving is essential to a happy life. Imagine your child’s face when he or she hits the bulls eye for the first time. Yeah, that!

Managing Stress

Healthy competition teaches children (and adults) to manage stress. How to properly conduct yourself under pressure and exhibiting good sportsmanship are all part of team building. But the act of archery itself can be a stress reliever. The physical exertion works to alleviate stress, but so does the concentration and the successful execution. Just the sound of the arrow leaving your hand and thwacking the target is music to any archer’s ears.

Is there a kid in your life who might enjoy archery?

Grab and a bow and arrow and head out on to the range. We guarantee you will both learn something and come back smiling.

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Archery Projects: Make Your Own Arrows with Your Kids!

Posted by on May 12, 2017 in Tutorials and Reviews |

Archery Projects: Make Your Own Arrows with Your Kids!

Are your kids interested in archery?

Summer is coming and parents are scrambling for ideas to keep the kids busy and entertained. We’ve got a great idea for you!

Are your kids interested in archery or already practicing the sport? A great way to get them more involved and improve their skills is by working together to make your own arrows.

It’s a relatively inexpensive hobby to have and our Bitzenbuger jig makes it really easy.

Plus, this hobby is really useful. You can use your arrows for target practice and bow hunting.

Not only does arrow making result in a cool finished project, it also teaches:

  1. Gross and fine motor control skills
  2. Creativity
  3. Patience
  4. Pride in a job well done
  5. Life skills

Make Every Moment Count

As parents we treasure the times when we can spend one-on-one time with our kids. Add learning a new skill and creating something to the mix and you can’t go wrong.

Learn together and practice together.

For more information and insight into how you actually make your own arrows and what supplies are needed, check out this video by Lancaster Archery.

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The BEST Father’s Day Gift for an Archer

Posted by on May 12, 2017 in Archery |

Father’s Day Gift SOLVED!

Well, the day is coming soon. The day when families rack their brains for ideas for dad for Father’s Day. We know dads are hard to buy for–they usually already have everything they need.

How about getting him something he might not even know that he NEEDS?

Here is a check list to see if this gift is the perfect one:

  1. Does he like to bow hunt?
  2. Does he like archery?
  3. Does he like tools and gadgets?
  4. Does he like to make things with his hands?
  5. Does he like to brag about things he’s made?
  6. Does he like to do projects with his children?

So, if you answered yes to 1-4 (and maybe the rest of the questions) then a Bitzenburger Jig could possible be a great gift for the Dad in your life.

What is a Bitzenburger Jig?

Besides having a funny long name, it the world’s best precision tool for making your own arrows for archery and bow hunting.

Picture an arrow and the feathers on the end of it. How do you glue those arrows on the end of the arrow in the right pattern and get them straight and lined up so that your arrow flies straight? That’s what our tool does.

Visit one of the many companies who sell our jig today and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You just dominated Father’s Day this year!

He’ll be so happy!

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Indoor Vs. Outdoor Archery

Posted by on Apr 25, 2017 in Archery |

They are NOT the Same

It’s that time of year again (thank goodness) where we move from indoor target practice to outside shooting. However, to be the best archer you can possibly be we suggest you practice both. Different settings will teach you to perform at the top of your abilities despite distractions and changes.

Indoor Archery

Indoor archery is a time to zero in on your skills without distractions. Yes, it is not as exciting, but it does provide invaluable practice time. Would you agree that archers who are not performing well indoors are not going to perform well outdoors? I think this is true.

While the great outdoors does breathe a bit of fresh air into your practice (pun intended) don’t discount the value of indoor shooting.

If you didn’t get in as much time on the range this winter, no worries. Just plan on adding it to your schedule.

While you are thinking about it, bad weather is also a great excuse to make your own arrows.

For those archers who live in warmer climates, indoor shooting should still be part of your training.

Indoor competitions are usually shorter in several areas:

  • the number of arrows shot
  • the time taken
  • the distances shot

This can lead to a feeling of greater pressure and fear of failure for the archer because they think they have less time indoors to make up for an error within a score.

This could be why so many archers prefer outdoor practice AND competition. But I still think it hold value in the overall discipline.

Outdoor Archery

Outdoor archery (field or target) is arguably more enjoyable and intellectually challenging than indoor shooting. This mostly has to do with longer rounds, different distances, and setting.

An interesting thing tends to happen when archers move from indoors to outdoors that you should be aware of: Giving too much attention to equipment and tuning often leads to less attention on shooting and practicing techniques. Weird, right?

When we are outdoors it is easier to “blame” the weather on our performance. Even though it is tempting, don’t. It takes your focus away from your skills.

Don’t feel bad if you realize you may have been doing this. Instead, be aware of it–we all tend to do it, and correct it. After all, we all just want to hit the bulls-eye every time.

Don’t be sloppy with your technical attention while outdoors.

The Take Away

  1. Make Sure you include indoor archery in your plan to improve your skills.
  2. Don’t blame the weather on your performance when you are outside

Happy Shooting!

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Archery Programs in Schools are on the Rise

Posted by on Mar 27, 2017 in Archery in Schools |

Does Your School have an Archery Program?

Educators want to help students develop micro and macro motor ability and listening and observation skills.

Wildlife Conservation agencies are concerned too many young people are forgoing learning outdoor skills that will inspire them to spend more time with wild things in wild places.

The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP©) was developed to serve these specific educational and conservation purposes.

The Program has 3 core areas:

  1. Archery Curriculum: Units of Study were written by Education, Conservation, and Target archery experts to meet state and national educational standards.
  2. Teacher Training: Instructor Training was developed so teachers in every participating school could be certified to present NASP® lessons that are safe for students, instructors, bystanders, and the facility.
  3. Standard Equipment: Archery Equipment used in NASP® is highly standardized to be safe, durable, economical, and most importantly, universal fit for almost every student.

The Benefits of Archery

  • Fun
  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Safe (even fewer injuries reported than in golf)
  • Appeals to Boys and Girls
  • An all-year round sport
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Promotes Team Work and Individual Performance
  • Participants do not have to be “top athletes”
  • Promotes concentration and precision
  • Promotes outdoor activities and the study of nature

Make Your Own Arrows

We here at Bitzenburger think that adding the skill of making your own arrows to any school archery program would be a great enhancement. Not only would it teach a new skill associated with archery, but it adds a new element of creativity and precision to the sport.

The Bitzenburger Fletching Jig provides a way to make the perfect arrow every time. It takes the guess work out of the proper placement of feathers.

How cool would it be for you students to use their own arrows that they made? It would boost their confidence and add another layer of their commitment and investment to the sport.

If you are interested in finding out how to add making arrows to your archery program contact us here.

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