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You might not think of meditation and archery in the same sentence, but hear me out on this.

What is Meditation?

Simple to explain: meditation is a proven method of relaxing both the mind and the body. Maybe not so simple to do!!

In order to meditate, all you need is:

  • a safe space,
  • proper breathing,
  • a mental point of focus,
  • and the ability to think of nothing else but the present moment.

Anyone can do it.  Taking some time every day to quiet your mind, take a deep breath, and center yourself through a skill as old as humankind itself.

HMMMMM!! Does this sound familiar?

What does archery do for you?

The process of mastering the bow is more than just getting good with a weapon. In order to achieve perfection, one must be able to focus, clear their mind, and concentrate on the simple movements involved.  So when it comes to archery remember that if what you are doing is instinctive, devoid of analytical thought, and pure in intent … then you are practicing a form of meditation.  Not to mention you are getting really good!!

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Like any martial art, you must have perfected your basic form to the point where you don’t actually have to think about it. All you have to do is quiet your mind and focus your intent.

  • Pick up an arrow
  • Line it up with the bow
  • Pull on the bowstring
  • Breathe in and out properly and slowly
  • With only minimal movement from the rest of your body
  • Release

Unlike other forms of meditation, archery gives you a simple goal to focus on…Just hit the target!

Archery requires your mind and body to enter a state of calmness and intense focus. The more you practice archery, the easier it is for both your mind and body to re-enter this state

Sound familiar?

That’s because archery is largely considered to be a form of meditation.