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Do you know how to fletch?

Why would you want to build your own arrows?  You can tell yourself it is to save money but that won’t happen for a while (check out the list of all you will need below)

So what ARE the advantages of making your own arrows with a BitzenburgFletching Jig?

  1. No pesky pro-shop visits – Bad when you don’t plan ahead
  2. Half-full quivers, and vaneless arrows – Hate it when that happens
  3. Total control over the quality of the arrows – for the Control Freak in you
  4. Customized vane colors – fashion-forward
  5. Add another skill to your archery repertoire – don’t forget the shooting part
  6. Enjoyable pastime and hobby – more time in the man cave

Here is a not-so shortlist of what you need to get started and of course as you advance in the technique —  you can add a lot more!

  1. Arrow Shafts (lots of choices here – personal preference)
    • right helical
    • left helical
    • simple straight
    • carbon shafts aluminum
    • aluminum/carbon hybrid shaft
  2. Adhesive arrow wraps (optional but very cool)
  3. Arrow  vanes (two colors) or feathers:   three, four, five, or even six
  4. Fletching Jig– One of the best-known jigs, and likely the one that you’ll see in use at your local pro shop, is the Bitzenburger (imagine that!!)
  5. Insert/Fletching Glue (Fast Drying)
  6. Inserts or Nocks: typically come with your arrow shafts.
  7. Paper Towel
  8. Denatured Alcohol
  9. Stripping Tool
  10. Arrow Shaft Cleaning Solution
  11. Fletching Adhesive
  12. Fine-grit emery cloth or sandpaper (to remove excess glue)

As easy as apple pie (what??)

I know it seems like you need a lot of stuff to get started. However, it is sort of like making a homemade apple pie when you think about it.  If you are having company over who you want to impress you could run down to the grocery store and buy an apple pie off the shelf. BUT and it is a BIG but, everyone knows that there is nothing like a homemade pie.

You will get the best ingredients. You will use your skill and make it very customized according to your wishes.  It won’t be anything like the 1,000 pies on the shelf – oh no! Yours will be different and special. You will take great pride serving this masterpiece in your Grandmother’s favorite Pie dish. For that extra special touch, you will of course add some top-of-the-line vanilla ice cream.  Of course, you could have saved money buying the store-bought but if you make enough of these babies you will keep ingredients on hand and buy in quantity (except for the apples which need to be very fresh). Are you getting my drift???

Go ahead, do this fletching yourself… experience the pride of your labors (refer to the list of advantages above). REMINDER: Because you want your arrows to be the best they can be invest in a Bitzenburger Jig.  You can’t go wrong with the quality and it will last you a lifetime.