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Tree Stand Safety Tips

tree stand safety

Have you read the latest Tree Stand Safety Tips? Safety is the NUMBER ONE concern when hunting. Your family wants you to return at the end of the day in one piece–preferable with something to show for your efforts–and I don’t mean a broken bone (or worse. ) There are a lot of guides and…

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Bow Hunting Essentials: Things You Should Have

bow hunting

Things Every Bow Hunter Should Have Are you a bow hunter? Do you know and love a bow hunter? Here is a list of things that are essential to bow hunting safety and success. This fall, when you pack your gear, be sure to go over this list. Bow Hunting Essentials: Gear List Flashlight. Don’t…

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Make Your Own Wild Game Jerky

wild game jerky

Time to clean out your freezer and use your older venison meat to make room for your fall hunt. How to make your own wild game jerky We love this easy-to-do recipe from Leaf on how to make your own venison jerky in a dehydrator. We’d love it if you shared your recipes and family…

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The Benefits of Youth Archery

youth archery

Youth archery teaches a variety of skills that are beneficial in many areas of life. Archery is a sport everyone can do Even at an early age, children can learn the basics of archery and build their skills throughout their lifetime. Sometimes people don’t always think of archery as a sport, but rather a hobby.…

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Archery Projects: Make Your Own Arrows with Your Kids!

make your own arrows

Have you ever tried to make your own arrows? Are your kids interested in archery? Summer is coming and parents are scrambling for ideas to keep the kids busy and entertained. We’ve got a great idea for you! Are your kids interested in archery or already practicing the sport? A great way to get them…

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The BEST Father’s Day Gift for an Archer

Father's Day gift ideas

Father’s Day Gift SOLVED! Well, the day is coming soon. The day when families rack their brains for ideas for dad for Father’s Day. We know dads are hard to buy for–they usually already have everything they need. How about getting him something he might not even know that he NEEDS? Here is a check list…

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Indoor Archery vs. Outdoor Archery

indoor archery

Indoor Archery and Outdoor Archery are NOT the Same It’s that time of year again (thank goodness) where we move from indoor target practice to outside shooting. However, to be the best archer you can possibly be we suggest you practice both. Different settings will teach you to perform at the top of your abilities…

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Archery Programs in Schools are on the Rise

Archery Programs in Schools

There are more and more archery programs in schoos every year. Does Your School have an Archery Program? Educators want to help students develop micro and macro motor ability and listening and observation skills. Wildlife Conservation agencies are concerned too many young people are forgoing learning outdoor skills that will inspire them to spend more…

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How Do I Make My Own Arrows?

How do I Make My Own Arrows?

Did you just purchase a Bitzenburger Fletching tool? Thinking about buying one? It is the first step in answer the question, “How do I Make My Own Arrows?” Either way, you are making a good choice. Watch this great video on how to use our fletching tool to make your own custom arrows. Video by…

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