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Archery Problems: What Annoys You About Other Archers or Hunters?

Our July contest sparked a lot of comments and discussions. We all have things that irritate us about archery and/or hunting. So we asked our fans to comment on the following:

“Let us know what annoys you the most about other archers while hunting or at the range. Please no name calling or naming names. Just generalizations. You never know, you might open someone’s eyes and prevent others from being annoyed.”

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Not surprising, most of the responses fell into a few categories:

  • Being Inconsiderate
  • Wasting Time
  • Over explaining
  • The Know-it-alls and Show offs
  • TOOOO Intense
  • Soooo Many Arrows
  • Our Favorite Responses

As you read through these think about your own behavior and how you can be a good example to others.

Being Inconsiderate

Putting a stand to close to yours. ~Jim P.

When I see folks getting frustrated having to wait on a child getting instruction and help with form and such. The kids are the future of our sport and our hunting heritage. Give them a break and have some patience. ~Reice M.

When I see folks getting frustrated having to wait on a child getting instruction and help with form and such. The kids are the future of our sport and our hunting heritage. Give them a break and have some patience. ~Reice M.

The people who stand at the stake on the range and glass there target after they have shot. Back off the stake and let the others in your group to get to the stake. ~Mike T.

An archer standing next to another who is at full draw that decides that is the time to step off the line. ~Tony L.

The guy that spent what felt like hours searching for the one arrow out of four dozen (no joke) he brought, that missed the bale… meanwhile, as he’s dragging around there’s a JOAD tournament constantly having to call cease fire, because dude wandered down range again, or was shooting while we were down range. Oh but “I’m way over here on the other side, man”. ~ Brian B.

I’ve seen the “devil may care” attitude with a lot of folks. Leaving their trash in the woods, disrespecting other hunters, and not practicing their shooting before season. ~David B.

AWARENESS – Awareness of other hunters is the biggest issue! I hate being up in a tree and having someone come through spot and stalking (walking) through carrying their crossbow… Find a spot and sit. Or just be sure the area you plan to stalk is clear of other hunters…~Greg B.

Having a guy walk past me a half hour after daylight looking for a spot to hunt! ~Darren J.

Just getting time for deer to start moving in the evenings. You got there early, like 3 hours ago, and along comes Joe Blow sneaking through the woods. ~Dave S.

Archers who nock an arrow before their turn to shoot on a 3D target, sky draws and lack of respect for fellow archers of other disciplines! ( crossbow,recurve or compound) ~ Eric P.

Not to keen on archers reaching out farther than they should on game, then having to fling more than one arrow to harvest said game. ~Bobley B.

Wasting Time

During competition shoots(safari and 3D mainly), it drives me absolutely crazy to watch a group shoot 1 person at a time when 3-4 shooters can be on the line! It causes huge back ups on the range, and at large shoots, its absolutely brutal to deal with 20-30minutes between targets because there is a slow group in front. ~Justin G.

 I’m annoyed in 3D shoots when archers shoot in large groups and they won’t let others shoot through it takes hours of waiting to make it through 20 targets and gets very frustrating. Minimize the group size and be respectful of others. ~Tony R.

Slow groups (as in WAY over the allotted time) and range officials who don’t work to keep rounds moving at a reasonable pace! ~Brian V.

Over Explaining

I am so new to archery. I would say the guys that make it more difficult than it needs to be. ~Destry W.

When they try to make it so technical that it takes the fun out of it.~Darin C.

When I get ready to go in my stand I take all precautions I make sure I shower and wash all my hunting gear in all the scent free stuff I do everything on my way into my stand to make sure I give myself the best chance and nothing, but my friend uses my stand for one night stinks like home heating oil because he installs furnaces and only has a couple of hours to hunt and I’m trying to be a nice guy and just like that he gets a nice deer . Well I think diesel is the new scent . Lol ~John M

I’m aggravated at the “close enough” guys. I’m still a new hunter and I want to be as perfect as my experience allows me to be. “Close enough” isn’t good enough.~Bobby A.

The Know-it-alls and Show Offs

Rule guy that doesn’t know the rules. ~Troy R. (If you don’t know this person, you might BE this person)

The guy who asks you to stop practicing and move back so he can shoot twenty yards further back than the range is built for. ~Alex M.

Arrogance. Acting like they are GOD’S gift to the sport and are all over, or miss, the target at 20 yards. ~Brad N.

What grinds my gears is bow hunter bob trying to correct your form/ criticize your process/ etc when Bob shoots 3 arrows a year and that’s the week before season starts ~ Tyler H.

There are some people who are experienced tourney archers, and they know it! Unwilling to help inexperienced new shooters learn the basics of range use, range etiquette, 3D shooting procedures and such. Also, anytime a non-shooter, say a parent, gets onto a child for a lower score, making a terrible shot, if the child is doing their best. They’ll be better later if we keep it fun, but if not they might just be gone later. Having said that, we just got back from the Illinois S3DA National competition, and also met the nicest, most accomodating people in the world! So overall, my kids really have enjoyed their first year of 4H and S3DA archery. ~Rodney B.

I have been shooting archery for 24 years now I just in the last few year I am seeing the new crowd of archers and that they are always on edge that they are mouthy or think they are better then the next guy and ready to fight at any time over just shooting targets. ~Derek H.

Archers doing things that are out of their league. Stay within your comfort zone. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is it’s about practicing and enjoying archery and getting better. ~Ryan W.

I would have to say when someone (usually a guy) has their draw weight so very clearly over their limit and have to sky draw like they’re starting a lawnmower to get it back. ~Adamas L

FanBoys. We are all in this together. Unless you are getting paid to represent a certain brand, keep it to yourself. Promote the Sport, not the brand. ~Whitetail Deception

I’ve been shooting since the early 80’s and i have never until recently seen the arrogance like i do now… It’s usually by the newer guys. ~Rob A.

What grinds my gears is bow hunter bob trying to correct your form/ criticize your process/ etc when Bob shoots 3 arrows a year and that’s the week before season starts. ~Tyler H.

Too Intense

Having fun and just archery. Some people make it to intense making them blow up on the line or as they approach the target. Have fun and enjoy the sport.~Hiram R.

Temper!… no body is perfect, your gonna miss once in a while. Don’t let it influence the rest of your or others range time. ~Landis E.

At the range, I don’t shoot slowly, but I also don’t feel the need to get my heart rate up collecting arrows. What irks me is the guys that run & grab their arrows as quickly as they can, then run back to the line & stand waiting with their bow. I realize I can take as long as I need, but I still feel like I should be rushing too just because I don’t want them to have to wait for me… ~Kevin S.

SOOOO Many Arrows

The 100 hundred arrow guy…yes I’m exaggerating. But the dude who keeps shooting at the range after everyone else is done and waiting to pull arrows. ~Brad V.

Archers that shoot more than 3 arrows at a time making others wait a long time. No respect. ~Rob S.

Our Favorite Responses

One word, DEDICATION! ~Steve S.

Nothing should annoy you on the range unless someone is deliberately trying to mess with your focus. Aside from a direct situation, archery is a sport where we clear our heads and enjoy what we love. Once we remember why we all started shooting, the little things tend to not be such a big deal. ~Matt S.

I get annoyed when stick bow guys look down their noses at compound guys and how compound guys look down their noses at firearm guys… we are all hunters let’s be supportive of each other! ~Justin B.

 Anyone that does not follow basic rules of range safety. ~Jake H.

The guy that shoots his limit of deer then want to give ya a freezer full of freezer burnt 1 year old meat because he hardly eats it. ~Robert H.

Archery is dedication. Foul play or rules not being followed. ~Dennis I.

Chatterbox. Shut up its your turn go! ~Kyle L.

The arrow twirlers at the range. ~Jerry S.

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  1. Tony H. on August 20, 2019 at 12:59 pm

    I think the concept of self policing at 3d ranges doesn’t work with today’s younger generation.

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